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GAMLINGEN - rekviem over et bad / requiem for a public bath


Short documentary


The film is a short poetic documentary about an outdoor public bath called Gamlingen. The film is based on a poem by Tor Obrestad, a famous Norwegian author who used the place for many years.


The film is homage to all places and social settings in the world were it all merges into a classless, cross aged, equal and free place. Places like these are vital in many people lives.


After 58 years of service Gamlingen was torn down giving space to roadworks.

Poetry and voice-over


Director and writer 







Sound design

Grading and FX





Tor Obrestad


Nils Petter Devold Midtun

Siw Angell-Olsen


Nils Petter Devold Midtun


Tommy Enervold Jørpeland

Vegard Fossum & Pål Jackman

Frode Ytre-Arne

John Iver Berg


Gunhild Oddsen


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